LDS 6 is a diode laser gas analyzer with a measuring principle based on the specific light absorption of different gas components. LDS 6 is suitable for fast and non-contact measurement of gas concentrations or temperatures in process or flue gases. One or two signals from up to three measuring points are processed simultaneously by one central analyzer unit. The in-situ cross-duct sensors at each measuring point can be separated up to 700 m from the central unit by using fiber-optic cables. The sensors are designed for operation under harsh environmental conditions and contain a minimum of electrical components.


The in-situ gas analyzer LDS 6 is characterized by a high availability and unique analytical selectivity, and by a broad scope of suitable applications. LDS 6 enables the measurement of ov or two gas components or –- if desired –- the gas temperature directly in the process:


  • With high levels of dust load

  • In hot, humid, corrosive, explosive, or toxic gases

  • In applications showing strong varying gas compositions

  • Under harsh environmental conditions at the measuring point